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Glossary of Terms

Audio Asset
Audio files, music or other short programming for regular playout. An example would be the track Ray Price - Crazy Arms.
A collection or group of audio assets for regular playout. An example would be a playlist called “Ray Price - Country Classics” containing several songs (audio assets).
A collection of stations IDs, advertisements, PSAs, etc of the same category. Examples would be a rotator named “Advertisements” or “Station IDs.”
Rotator Asset
A single short audio asset inside of a rotator, ie an individual station ID, advertisement, PSA, etc. Examples would be short clips called “David’s Steel Guitar Ad, 30 seconds.” (in the “Advertisements” rotator) or “Evening Station ID #1” (in the “Station IDs” rotator).
Stop Set
A block of stations IDs, PSAs, etc which in turn is really just a block one or more rotators. An example would be a stop set called “Stop Set #1” containing three rotators as entries: (1) “Station IDs,” (2) “Advertisements,” and (3) “Station IDs.” NOTE: duplicate rotators is allowed, as in this example.
Random weight. TODO document better.