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Server Setup

This guide is intended for systems administrators only.




In your terminal clone the repo and start the code. Building the containers may take several minutes.

git clone
cd crazyarms

./compose pull  # or to build from source: ./ build
./ up

You’ll be asked a few questions about setting up Crazy Arms in your terminal. When building is done, then in your browser go to http://localhost/. You’ll be prompted in the application about setting up your station.

If you want a fairly preview of what the AutoDJ has to offer, be sure to select “Preload the AutoDJ” when setting up your station.

To stop, in your terminal press Ctrl+C.

To run Crazy Arms in the background which is useful for deployment do the following,

./ up -d
./ down

Unit Tests

./ test

# Tear down test dependent containers (postgres and redis)
./compose --test down



Helpful Practices

  • In .env set DEBUG = True
  • overrides.yml
  • ./ development commands


  • Setting up email, mention ./ sendtestemail